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Regal Manes

Exclusive Beard Tamer

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How to use: Review Step by Step slide show 

Open the Beard Tamer then 

  1. Apply Conditioner
  2. Lean forward and lift Beard Tamer behind beard
  3. Place loops over ears
  4. Place beard in Beard Tamer (fold slightly if need) 
  5. Grab left side velcro strap and take across chin to right ear 
  6. Grab right side velcro strap and take across chin to left ear 

Leave on 10-15 Mins


  1. Lean over sink pull velcro apart 
  2. Flip Beard Tamer inside out to rinse off waterproof material with hands/water
  3. Set Beard Tamer aside or hang on hook or shower
  4. Then rinse your beard in sink 
  5. Dry with a towel
  6. Maximize the end results by using Regal Manes superior products to achieve your signature style.